51 minutes | Feb 2nd 2021

Thomas Frank - Youtuber, Podcaster, and Founder of the College Info Geek

Thomas Frank is one of the most well-known YouTubers who is passionate about helping people become more capable and productive.  He has over 2 million subscribers, and his book, "Ten steps to earning awesome grades" had been downloaded and read by over 300,000 students.  He has been creating content for over a decade now, and in this episode, we talk about: Increasing productivity while stuck at home How to build a youtube following of over 2 million fans  The habits of High Performing Students Check out Thomas's Youtube channel here.  Download his popular ebook here (for free).  For more information on Thomas Frank, please visit, www.thomasjfrank.com ------ Want access to the free High Performing Student minicourse? ->www.samdemma.com/hps-minicourse Want to win $500? I've partnered with the Student Life Network to bring you the High Performing Student Scholarship
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