39 minutes | Mar 2nd 2021

Mike Weaver - From 633 Games in the NHL to Tech Founder

Retired NHL player turned techie. Mike had an extensive hockey career, playing 633 NHL games with the Canadiens, Blues, Canucks, Kings, Thrashers and Panthers.   Through his Telecommunications degree from Michigan State University, Mike also achieved a minor in Virtual Reality, Software Development and Web Design, which propelled him to co-found the online coaching platform, CoachThem.   Mike now resides in Toronto, where he runs Defence First Hockey, a hockey school that teaches the thinking part of the game.   Find Mike on Linkedin, Instagram & Twitter   ----------- Want access to the free High Performing Student minicourse? ->www.samdemma.com/high-performing-student-minicourse Want to win $500? I've partnered with the Student Life Network to bring you the High Performing Student Scholarship Submit a question for the next podcast: www.samdemma.com/ask   
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