29 minutes | Mar 17, 2021

Janalea Hoffman

Janalea Hoffman, Music Therapist and founder of Rhythmic Medicine, was one of the first people to write music for specific medical uses, referred by health care professionals as prescriptive music. A primary aspect of Hoffman's work lies in how music affects our bodies physiologically.  She has developed specific techniques for using music to help lower heart rate and blood pressure also helping to alleviate pain.   She has been a pioneer in the uses of music and guided imagery to help clients get deeper insights into themselves and their issues.   Hoffman authored the book, Rhythmic Medicine, Music with a Purpose and has published fourteen CD’s specifically for therapeutic purposes.  One aspect of her work includes the therapeutic uses of the Native American Flute, a beautiful, soulful, and Meditative instrument. Hoffman received her master’s degree from the University of Kansas in Music Therapy and is the recipient of the Madonna Spirit Award given by Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital in Lincoln and Omaha, NE for innovative work in music and medicine. Join Dr. Michelle and Janalea as they talk about: What sparked her interest in music from a very young age. How she was introduced to music therapy and decided to pursue a degree in it. Different techniques she has developed including musical biofeedback. How the human body tries to synchronize with music to create harmony. Where and how her music is being used to help heal patients and has been called “prescription music.” The benefits of combining calming music with visuals. How a machine’s sound or rhythm can negatively impact our bodies. How tuning into music rhythms can help you during stressful moments especially stress brought on by COVID-19. Gifts from the pandemic including how it’s made us slow down and be more present. Every day environments and habits that can cause us stress without us even realizing it. How to pay attention to the sound environment around you from home to work and how it affects you. Mentioned In This Episode Rhythmic Medicine SCBS Sleep Campaign Your Wellness Connection SCBS 40 Days of Gratitude Big Shifts Foundation CommunityAmerica Credit Union AdventHealth SCBS 31-Day Kindness Campaign
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