22 minutes | Mar 10, 2021

Jamie Pabst

Jamie Pabst founded Spiritune with the intention to better utilize and harness the physiological power of music to improve lives for the everyday person. When music is personalized and tuned for health-outcomes, it becomes a very effective auditory tool for deeper human needs such as stress reduction, emotional regulation, performance and productivity. We have a data-driven, scientific approach to music and brain health -- and we are excited to bring it to the world. Join Dr. Michelle and Jamie as they talk about: Her fascination with music and its healing capabilities. Why Dr. Michelle used to feel anxious when listening to music when she was younger. The impact of vibration all around us and how Jamie would describe it with respect to music. Her app, Spiritune, and how it’s helping people to regulate emotions, improve sleep, encourage productivity plus reduce stress. How quick a person’s mood and mindset can shift with Spiritune depending on their unique response. What steps you can take to dial into your relationship with music. The biggest findings she has discovered during her research on music. How Spiritune has become an effective tool in guiding people with where they are at in their wellness journey. What you can do to build a productive environment during work including from home. Mentioned In This Episode Spiritune SCBS Sleep Campaign Your Wellness Connection SCBS 40 Days of Gratitude Big Shifts Foundation CommunityAmerica Credit Union AdventHealth SCBS 31-Day Kindness Campaign Connect LinkedIn Facebook Instagram Twitter
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