19 minutes | Feb 17, 2021

Houston Kraft

Houston Kraft is a professional speaker, author, curriculum designer, and kindness advocate who speaks at schools, conferences, and events internationally. He has spoken to over a half a million people at 600 engagements and counting. He is the co-founder of CharacterStrong - trainings and curriculums that create more compassionate cultures in schools and communities. They work with 2,500. schools serving over 1 million students with their content. In 2019, he was featured by Lay’s on BBQ and Jalapeño chip bags for their “Spreading Smiles” campaign. His first book, Deep Kindness, is being published by Simon & Schuster September 22, 2020. Join Dr. Michelle and Houston as they talk about: His background, childhood, and how kindness came to be an important part of his being. Some of the mentors in his life including fellow Co-Founder of CharacterStrong, John Norlin. The idea that we’re not human beings but “human becomings.” Why kindness is not an act but a habit and what that practice looks like in a daily routine. Taking a closer look at the values we hold important both personally and in the world of business. Why creating systems that hold us accountable to our goals are so important. How leaders can help their team members navigate through the mental health challenges that they are facing in 2021. What new way of thinking can help you prioritize what is actually important to you. Why it’s so important to protect your time, from work and meetings to personal downtime. Mentioned In This Episode Houston Kraft CharacterStrong Deep Kindness John Norlin Janice Hughes Are You As Busy As You Think? SCBS Sleep Campaign Your Wellness Connection SCBS 40 Days of Gratitude Big Shifts Foundation CommunityAmerica Credit Union AdventHealth SCBS 31-Day Kindness Campaign Connect Facebook Instagram Twitter YouTube
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