29 minutes | Feb 17th 2021

Tips to Write Sucessful Tenders for Your Business with David Ashton

Every business has an opportunity to submit a tender. There's no stopping you in that in the sense that it's available to all businesses. Whether you're successful in putting in a compliant tender, or a winning tender will depend on the tender scope and the specification. Not all businesses would be able to comply with certain aspects of tenders and depending on the size and scale of the team and what it's for, then obviously, it's only open to certain businesses, it can provide that good or services. You need to be specific in terms of the types of tenders that you're accessing. Obviously, look at your business model, your business strategy, and then target tenders that meet that. Find out all of David's tips about tender writing and a few bonus ones on Grants too at Small Business Talk Episode 106.

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