31 minutes | Sep 30th 2020

Business Growth in Any Market With Donna Bates

Take time throughout your year to really assess what's happening in your business, what's happening in your family, where is it you want to go? If you don't have family, then looking at where do I want to be in my life?

Re-assess and reset every year to that point and then saying, "Am I getting further to or further away from my growth goal?" Create a plan so that if you get offered an opportunity you can assess if taking on that opportunity will get you closer or further away from your original growth plan. Be conscious of what opportunities to let go and what opportunities to grab, hold on to and keep moving forward. It's being able to say no sometimes in those environments. Business Growth in Any Market means you need to keep checking in on your business. Listen Small Business Talk episode 087 for all Donna Bates tips on what to look for to make sure your business is sustainable and can grow in any market.

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