11 minutes | Jul 29th 2020

Being Busy Might Be Ruining Your Business

Being Busy Might Be Ruining Your Business!

Wow, that’s crazy you might say or that’s a bold statement! Well, let’s take a look at it.

No, this is not a clickbait heading I am deadly serious, being busy might be ruining your business.

Busy for Busy Sake

When you look back on your day, you were busy. Yes, most of us are every day but what did you really achieve. Did you spend your day fighting fires, putting out those little emergencies that keep coming up in the way of a phone call, email or someone popping in?

What Did You Do Today?

Did your actions really move the needle for your business or were you too busy to do the tasks that actually matter?

Classic Time Wasters or Busywork. There are some really classic time wasters and busy work traps many of us fall into. Listen to episode 078 of Small Business Talk to find out more.

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