19 minutes | Oct 7th 2020

Are You Getting Enough Leads Into Your Business

How is your business going? 2020 has definitely been a strange year but it's not over. Use these next 70 or so days to salvage the year and make your business

Getting your business found by ideal customers can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be.

The internet is a noisy space and attracting your perfect customers is a complex task which is part science, part positioning, part customer love and part luck. To get the right balance for your exact situation is crucial.

For your business to grow and thrive you need to have a constant flow of qualified leads interested in your business’s solution, month in and month out. 

Your marketing should be making you money and attracting more customers to your business, but with all the shiny objects, the endless social media options and constant emails offering this service and that; who do you trust? What should you believe and how do you even start?

Your business (and many others like you) are the backbone of our local economy and marketing local businesses has been the same process for decades.

Find people who have the pain point and the problem that your business solves,
show them your solution
and let them buy it.

Every business is different and the marketing strategies used for each needs to be different too. A café will have a vastly different approach to that of a computer reselling business. No matter what type of business you have, the process will be the same.

A lot of businesses fail because they don’t have an audience of qualified leads, of people that trust them and know the solution to their problems is available whenever they are ready to buy.

Are You Getting Enough Leads Into Your Business? Listen to Small Business Talk Episode 088 for all the details and the free downloadable plan.

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