51 minutes | Sep 24, 2015

43 – Marketing a Small Business with Timbo Reid

This week, we brought back one of our favorite guests to talk more about small business marketing:  Tim Reid from the Small Business BIG Marketing podcast.  Tim comes from a background of corporate marketing, but helps small businesses all over the world by encouraging them to take action.  Tim can often be found saying: “There has never been a better time to market a small business.”  But before you market your business, you need to know your WHY and figure out WHAT your message is before you figure out WHERE to put it…and that is exactly what we talk about today. To listen to the entire interview, please visit us on iTunes or Stitcher or at our website, smallbusinessnaked.com.  Small Business Naked is one of the best free small business podcasts to listen to if you are an entrepreneur, a small business owner, or you are stuck working for The Man and are looking for small business ideas.  Please give us a review on iTunes and follow us on Facebook.
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