73 minutes | Apr 17, 2015

37 – GOT JUNK? with Brian Scudamore

  We are very excited to share a really great interview with you today.  We speak with a lot of really  great entrepreneurs, but few achieve the kind of success that Brian Scudamore has achieved.  He owns three businesses, but the most well known is 1-800-GOT-JUNK.  It started as Rubbish Boys.  He idea for the  trash business came while Brian was in college, and the idea was born when he was sitting in a McDonald’s parking lot.  After doing about a million dollars in business, he realized that the name was not going to be a great long term play, especially because he knew he wanted to expand into the United States, and Rubbish just did not have the same ring in the States as it did in Canada. Brian than added a second business concept called WOW 1 Day Painting after trying to hire a paint contractor for his own home.  They currently have franchises spread across Canada and the United States. The most recent business model Brian has started is You Move Me.  A moving company focused on creating a fun and pain-free move experience. When Brian starts a new franchise model, he looks for models that can scale to multi-millions. “People don’t fail, systems do.”  Brian Scudamore What they do different than their competition?  They take the ordinary, and do it exceptionally.  They look for the little things to blow the customers away; whether it is moving, painting, or removing junk. We also interviewed Hugh McKee who owns a franchise of Wow 1 Day Painting. To listen to the entire interview, please visit us on iTunes or Stitcher or at our website, smallbusinessnaked.com. Small Business Naked is one of the best free small business podcasts to listen to if you are an entrepreneur, a small business owner, or you are stuck working for The Man and are looking for small business ideas.  Please give us a review on iTunes and follow us on Facebook.  
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