53 minutes | Mar 25, 2015

35 – Charlie Mullins: Plumber to the Stars in London

Before you we go any further, WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU.  Call us on our new phone number, (775) Fi NAKED or 775-346-2533.  You can tell us anything.  What do you like about the best small business podcast: Small Business Naked?  What kind of business do you have?  What has been you favorite episode of the Small Business Naked podcast?  Who do you think is better looking? Today, Johnny and Nick interview maybe the most successful plumber in the world.  Charlie Mullins bunked off school at age 9 and dropped out of school by 15, started working for himself by 19, and never looked back. They run over 120 trucks on the road and over 150 staff, doing around 20 million pounds a year.  Charlie’s company, Pimlico Plumbers clears drains for James bond and the Prime minister. Pimlico Plumbers:  The UK’s largest independent plumbing company and the most recognized plumbing company in the world.  They have expanded into all sorts of services for the home and work around the clock…24 hours a day. Best small business tip from his book Bog-Standard Business:  Give someone the best service you can give them.  You can buy it on Amazon! Charlie likes to employ a great mix of people.  He had Buster working for him at 104 cleaning vans.  Charlie knows the value of having older team members and younger people.  Charlie thinks we can learn something from older and younger people. Business is like making a cake:  a bit of this and a bit of that.  Eventually, you will find the right mix.  When you get the right mix, stick with it. Charlie like to say that he runs his business on common sense and hard work. Charlie has a fantastic small business, and is a wonderful guy.  Charlie gave us, and our listeners an open invitation to come see their offices if you find yourself in London. If you want to hear the full story, sign up on the right to join our mailing list and you will get access for exclusive content.  We have at least another 30 minutes of juicy content to share with you.  This is new, but you will also get access to all the additional edited content from our interviews. To listen to the entire interview, please visit us on iTunes or Stitcher or at our website, smallbusinessnaked.com. Small Business Naked is one of the best free small business podcasts to listen to if you are an entrepreneur, a small business owner, or you are stuck working for The Man and are looking for small business ideas.  Please give us a review on iTunes and follow us on Facebook.
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