41 minutes | Mar 4, 2015

32 – What’s Up: Small business podcast with Ramon Ray

Today is another What’s Up episode with Nick and Johnny.  We thought we would bring on an industry expert to help us sort out some issues with tech, as we are not the small business podcast tech experts.  We asked Ramon Ray to come on to help us, give us some tips and insights, and to help us be more productive with some tech tools. Ranon Ray is a small business evangelist, works with/for Infusionsoft, runs Smart Hustle Magazine and SmallBizTechnology.com, so we figured he’d have some good stuff for us. The first tips Ramon gave us were: Back up your data Download apps on your phone to be more productive Make sure your data is secure. Ramon recommended a few apps as we talked: Asana – a task management app Concur – a financial tracking app Evernote – a business diary and filing cabinet for data and notes. As for choosing an app, Nick suggested that when you are considering a new type of app, download several similar apps, use them all, and see which one you like the best, then delete the ones you don’t like. Turning a corner into marketing (Johnny always wants more customers), Ramon shared with us a system for building your business that everyone show be doing…no matter what technology you are into (or out of): Attract Sell Wow Super simple, and to get all the details, check out the podcast. Ramon shared lots of awesome with us, so be sure to listen to the podcast. To listen to the entire interview, please visit us on iTunes or Stitcher or at our website, smallbusinessnaked.com. Small Business Naked is one of the best free small business podcasts to listen to if you are an entrepreneur, a small business owner, or you are stuck working for The Man and are looking for small business ideas.  Please give us a review on iTunes and follow us on Facebook.
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