34 minutes | Apr 17th 2020

JobKeeper Payment: Everything You Need to Know

In this episode, Accountants, Registered Tax Agents and CPA’s Sheryl Cole and Corinne Cole dive deeper into the JobKeeper Payment Scheme and what it means for employers, self-employed people, and individuals by default.We clarify for you:The details of how you, as an employer, will determine your eligibility for the JobKeeper Payment The need for $1,500 physical wage payments that must be made to your employees in the two fortnights of April 2020 - and all fortnights beyond - in order for your employees to be eligible for JobKeeper PaymentThe registration process and the documentation to be completed by you and your employees How to assess whether you have satisfied the decline in turnover test (the basic test and the alternative test)Your monthly reporting obligations to the ATO for the next 6 months How sole traders, and other self-employed type individuals can go about registering for the JobKeeper payment; and The integrity measures that will ensure fair access to the JobKeeper scheme.You can learn more about the show hosts, Corinne Cole and Sheryl Cole at:platinumaccounting.com.authenumberninjas.com.au
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