23 minutes | Mar 21st 2020

012. Business Continuity in the face of the Coronavirus Pandemic

In this episode, Sheryl and Corinne discuss how to maintain Business Continuity in the face of the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic, to give you guidance on the strategies that you can implement for your staff to facilitate them to work remotely if required. We also discuss other business considerations that you should be thinking about at this time.We talk about:What a Business Continuity Plan is;Things you can do to facilitate your staff to work remotely if needed; andOther business considerations to ensure that your business can outlast this health crisis.If you'd like help with your Business Continuity Plan or you need budgeting and cashflow help at this time, then please get in touch with us at platinumaccounting.com.au or thenumberninjas.com.auYou can learn more about the show hosts, Corinne Cole and Sheryl Cole at:platinumaccounting.com.authenumberninjas.com.au
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