20 minutes | Jan 3, 2020

How to grow your business to 7 figure by niching down with Chris Dreyer

Chris is the Founder & CEO of Ranking.io. Chris got his start in SEO as a self-taught affiliate marketer competing in some of the most ruthless niches on the web. He spent his days building websites and his nights poring over SEO forums, running tests, and absorbing any knowledge he thought could give him an edge. It was a great hands-on education in SEO: Learn. Apply. Test. Repeat. 

Fast forward a few years: Chris took a job with an SEO agency where he was managing campaigns for over 30 law firms. He loved the competitiveness of the legal niche. But he hated how unethical his employer was becoming.

Time and again, he saw them put short-term revenue over lasting results. It’s no surprise that they’ve since gone out of business. Chris didn’t think SEO had to be a zero-sum game. He believed (and still do) that the easiest way to be profitable is to do what you promise. He decided to take his experience in working with law firms and build an agency that would hide nothing and give their best to every client, every time. Because like you, Chris believe reputation is everything. 

Today Chris and his team serve elite personal injury lawyers who share that same commitment to integrity and relentless drive to win. Because similar to personal injury law, there’s no prize for second page in SEO.

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