15 minutes | May 2, 2021

Ep 42: Who Are You? Do You Really Want to Know?

This week I’d like to talk about getting to know ourselves better and the benefits of using a personality test so we can focus on our strengths instead of developing our weaknesses.Because when we focus on our strengths, our opportunities are the greatest. When we try to develop our weaknesses, we can get bogged down in the muck of…well, all things that are mucky.We’re brought up through an educational system that focuses on what we did wrong and how we fell short.We live in a society that has a never ending focus on people’s shortcomings.But the Gallup Organization did extensive research and found that people have several times more potential for growth when they invest energy in developing their strengths instead of trying to improve their weaknesses.They also found that people who do have the opportunity to focus on their strengths every day are six times as likely to be engaged in their work and more than three times as likely to report having an excellent quality of life in general. It’s been said, seemingly throughout time ‘You can be anything you want to be, if you just try hard enough.’ I think the intentions are good with this advice, but it doesn’t take long for the child hearing it to figure out that it just isn’t true.If you’re not naturally tall, you can’t be a pro basketball player. If you don’t have the natural ability to play sports in general, then you just won’t be a pro athlete in any sport.But even as adults, we still have that tendency to think that if I’m hired to be a salesman, I can be a sales Manager if I just try hard enough.Now I’m not saying that this person can’t sell stuff, or train people, but even if they read great books on Management and go to seminars or has Management training and put in late hours every day, it doesn’t mean that they’ll be a good Manager. It just means that they’re trying very, very hard.They may not have the natural talent needed to develop other people. Maybe they should have just stayed in sales.But I’m not here today to talk about our skills for the traditional J.O.B., this podcast is dedicated to developing people toward having a successful business.But the concept is still the same. Do we know what are strengths are and are we willing to put aside the things we’re not good at and let others do them?   We'd love to hear from you about this episode! Click on this link for a free gift: Episode Rating
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