20 minutes | Mar 24, 2021

EP 31: Laying a Strong Foundation to Your Business- Building Block #2-Website

5 Components Every Website Should HaveSo let’s look at the 5 elements every website should have using basic copy techniques. 1. Pass the Grunt TestIf I put a laptop in the lap of a caveman, could this person understand these three things:• What do you offer? In other words, what problem do you solve?• How will it make my life better?• What do I need to do to buy it?2. Call to ActionActive calls to action are the ones that are most effective. Things like, ‘Learn more’ and ‘Get started’ are just too passive to get the results you’ll need for a response. Remember, sales, subscriptions and downloads are what we’re looking for.3. FailureWhat’s it going to cost me to not buy the product or service? If there’s not stakes in the game for not buying what you offer, then I really don’t have much reason to buy it. 4. SuccessNow, we need to do the opposite. We need to paint the picture of what they’re life will look like when they do buy our product or service. We need to explain to them the benefits of doing business with us. 5. PlanYou need to give your potential customers three steps in order to place an order. Making it simple reduces the risk they’ll feel in making an order. Something like this:• Step one, we’re going to analyze your goals• Step two, we’re going to give you a strategy• Step three, I’m going to help you execute the strategy so that you can see resultsUsing these 5 steps will make it a lot easier for someone to do business with you.Stay encouraged, follow your dream and don't give up!We'd love to hear from you about this episode! Click on this link for a free gift: Episode
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