13 minutes | Mar 3, 2021

Ep 25: 4 Benefits of Starting a Business Later in Life

Here are just 4 benefits to starting a business later in life, based on my own experience and conversations that I have had with other older entrepreneurs.

Finding a Sense of Purpose 

What are you passionate about? What do you want to change about the world? What problem do you wish someone would fix? Maybe it’s time to be a part of the solution.

Meeting People Who Share Your Interests

Starting a business in your 50s is a great way to make friends with people who share your interests. This is especially true if you focus on building a business around one of your passions. 

Keep Your Mind and Your Body Healthy

Starting a business after 50 forces you to stay engaged with the world. It gives you something positive to focus your attention on and tells the world that you are not ready to be invisible.

Keeping the Dream Alive

The dream… YOUR dream should always be the primary motivator for starting a business. Without a dream, it’s all just going to feel like another job… like you’re just putting in your time to get more money. 

Your dream.. a good dream.. goes beyond the money, and keeps you pressing forward to greater things.. things that you always wondered if you could achieve them, and are now finding that you can.   

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