26 minutes | Feb 8th 2021

EP 22: The Master of Getting MORE Out of Life- Interview with Jen Groover

Episode 22 of the small biz startup essentials podcast with an interview of Jen Groover, personal mindset coach and world class serial entrepreneur-you won't want to miss this one

Jen talks about her new book 'The More Method' and starts off the conversation by explaining the 6 core aspects of mindfulness and how she uses an auditing checklist:

  1. Is what you're doing hurting you or helping you?
  2. Is what you're thinking hurting or helping you?
  3. Our words can hurt us or help us and the quality of our words
  4. What we're putting in our body and if it's helping us to be more productive
  5. What are we doing with our free time and what goes into our body and minds
  6. The quality of our emotions and to be more aware of the emotional scale

We then talked about how she fits mindfulness into the realm of small business. Jen recommends being honest about our limiting beliefs and do a self audit in order to do a course correct if we get off track of the business plan. By improving self awareness to what we're thinking, doing and feeling in order to stay calm and be more productive, we have a greater chance to achieve our business goals.

We then talked about the challenges of living in the present and to learn how to pause, breath and evaluate the current situation and determine if what we're experiencing is worth getting worked up about.

Listen in to get the entire conversation. There's much, much more to hear about how important mindfulness is for all of us, no matter what situation we're in.







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