41 minutes | Feb 22nd 2018

The Future of Fridrich

Nate jams with SBT co-founder and jazzy dude Eric Fridrich, a fellow member of the single dad mafia of Seattle in the late ’00s, early ’10s. Highlights: Eric drops the call – recovers gracefully A coffee shop explodes, Eric suggests due to the incredible chemistry between him and Nate A brief history of Eric – music as a core element of his personal vitality Bonding over American Spirits and Pabst Blue Ribbon Moving from starving artist to business owner – property style Managing bands, managing business Where Eric is finding mentors now What’s next for Eric – and growing pains Nate twists Eric’s arm until he plays us song The Love Gangsters Eric drops a hot tip Browse all episodes The post The Future of Fridrich appeared first on Inbox Attack.
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