52 minutes | Feb 15, 2021

Developer Principles with Markus Schirp

Adam welcomes Markus Schirp to the show. Markus is an independent software professional. He calls himself a "dynamic language exorcist." He's also the man behind the Mutant mutation project for Ruby.Adam and Markus discuss the first principles for software development and ladder up to higher level abstractions and how tooling helps developers.Free Resources New! One Month Software Delivery Dojo DevOps Email Course Project to Product Email Course Continuous Improvement Pocket Guide War & Peace & IT Pocket Guide Markus Schirp's Links Website Twitter LinkedIn My Github Mutant My Talks Adam Hawkins' Links Website Twitter LinkedIn Software Architecture Talk (2014) Get InvolvedFollow @smallbatchesfm on Twitter and tweet me with your comments. Want a topic covered on the show? Then call +1-833-933-1912 and leave your request in a voice mail. Preference goes to to listener requests.Support the Show!Tell me about you in the listener survey! Rate this show on iTunes. Share this episode with your friends and colleaagues. Feedback is love, so send some my way.
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