60 minutes | Jan 17th 2021

36. A New Definition of Masculinity - feat. The Fear Guy, Ben Harris

Today we've got The Fear Guy, Ben Harris on the show!He coaches, mentors and creates content that is all about helping people "free themselves" from the fear in their lives.This one starts out all about fear and then gets into a deep discussion of masculinity and what it means to be a man. So good.We get into how some of the fear that we hold on a daily basis is NOT even our own fear (others perhaps projected this fear onto us).What it means to "find our frequency" (woo-woo sounding I know, but also a very real thing).Why Ben is on a hiatus from social media and other things he does to "protect his energy".How masculinity is being demonized in some ways in today's society and what aspects of masculinity we SHOULD be celebrating.Why asking for help is a superpower (and why this is such a hard thing for dudes in particular).And finally, why Ben found himself sobbing on his bathroom floor and what he learned from the experience.Follow the fear my friends AND follow Mr. Ben Harris:InstagramWebsiteFeeling Free - the Podcast
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