48 minutes | Dec 26th 2020

33. Roll with the Punches, Man - feat. Boxing Coach, Cleveland Hughes

Boxing Day Special!!Perhaps I am taking the punny humour a step too far, but naturally had to wait two months to release the episode with Boxing Coach (and just fantastic dude), Cleveland Hughes on Boxing Day.Without a doubt one of the toughest dudes we've had on the show. He started Healing Mitts Boxing Gym - which is unique in that it's intention is NOT to produce the next Iron Mike Tyson.INSTEAD, it's intention is to make people better at life and make better people. Through boxing. So f***** cool.We talk how we all need outlets to emotionally regulate. And how men in particular need to find healthy ways to express masculine emotions like anger and aggression. The importance of finding community.How stepping into a ring knowing the other dude in that ring wants to knock you out has helped Cleveland deal with anxiety.The power of being AFRAID, but still getting in the ring and doing the THING.PLUS a phenomenal story about a client that MIGHT make you cry - disclaimer.Let's get in the ring and do the thing.To connect with Cleveland Hughes:InstagramYoutube Video on Healing Mitts Healing Mitts Website
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