48 minutes | Dec 20th 2020

32. Live Your Dream, Man - feat. Former Sport Scientist, Dallen Reber

Today we've got former collegiate baseball player turned sport scientist turned entrepreneur, Mr. Dallen Reber on the show!This one is all about the power of SELF-AWARENESS.One of the ways that self-awareness is built is through the practice of journaling. Dallen takes us through how journaling is THE thing that led him to leave a job that others would perceive as "super cool" to follow what he REALLY wanted in life. That takes courage, man.That's why he founded the "Realization Self-Mastery Journal". Helping lead others toward similar realizations.We talk flipping the script from finding value in "what we do" to instead finding value in "who we are".And finally, how to relentlessly chase a vision while still staying grounded and present in the moment.Enjoy.To connect with Dallen Reber:Purchase the Realizations Self-Mastery BundleInstagram
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