58 minutes | Nov 15th 2020

27. How to Never Get Offended (by Knowing Who You Are and What You Want) - With Nicole Girouard & Laura Moon

As Taylor Swift says, "Two is Better Than One" and so today we have TWO guests on the show - Nicole Girouard & Laura Moon. Of Bare Slate and hosts of the awesome "Ask More, Get More Show".

This one is all about asking yourself two (very important) questions.

1) Who am I?
2) What do I want?

And how once we dig into the answers to these questions (which takes a whole lot of time), we can no longer be offended. Because we know who we are and what we value and place these things ahead of the validation of others.

Nicole & Laura have a wealth of experience working with leaders at organizations and so we also dig into what causes dysfunction in the workplace. Hint: Most of it stems from complexity and not actually knowing who the f*** you are working with.

Finally, we chat how we can have more moments in our life where we are EXCITED about how slowly time is passing. And the importance of balancing hustle with slowing down.

Such a good conversation and I hope you enjoy!

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