54 minutes | Nov 1st 2020

25. What it REALLY Means to be a Strong, Badass Man - With Mike Cameron

Today on the show we've got the Author of "Becoming a Better Man", Mr. Mike Cameron on the show!

After experiencing a tragedy in his life, Mike made the decision to change the lives of men.

We talk about what TRUE strength is and what it truly means to be a man. It's not pushing through pain and "being strong". But rather having the courage to sit with strong emotions and work through them.

We talk creating space for men to drop the masculine mask and express their true selves.

How emotional work is no different than hitting the gym. It requires the same attention and consistency of practice.

And his ethos ties PERFECTLY to the theme of the podcast... SOAR (Slow Down, Open Up, Accept, Reconnect).

And finally, how "sometimes in order to keep it together, you just have to lose your s***".


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Buy his book, "Becoming a Better Man"

Watch his Ted Talk, "Redefining Badass"

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