47 minutes | Oct 25th 2020

24. Want an Amazing Relationship? Pump the Brakes. - With Shaun Galanos

Love is in the air! We've got Love Coach, Shaun Galanos on the show talking all about why when it comes to relationships, slower is better.

Great empires (and relationships) aren't built overnight. We dig into where this rush to get into relationships stems from (hint: it is an attempt to avoid the existential loneliness of being human).

He tells us how we can gauge if a relationship is moving too fast. What WE can do if we are one of those people who has a tendency to rush relationships. As well as how we can go about talking to our partner if they are being a speed racer.

Ultimately, humans crave certainty and relationships come with an inherent lack of certainty. So Shaun tells us why instead of seeking certainty, we should be seeking clarity.

Finally, I ask him the hard hitting question "does love at first sight exist?"

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And check out his podcast, The Love Drive

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