25 minutes | Nov 9, 2018

Three: Road Rage in Fishkill

Was Richard Aderson's death a clear case of "road rage?" Or had some in the media rushed to judgment and mistakenly hyped Richard’s death as the first fatal "road rage" incident in New York? In this episode, we’ll dive into both sides of the argument and see what we learn.   This podcast may contain information that some may find disturbing.   Thanks to:   “Fluffing a Duck” by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under CC BY 3.0   “Turkey Time” by Monk Turner is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0   Buck, Stephanie. "Road rage was invented 30 years ago this summer in LA, when gunplay came to the freeways." Timeline.com: July 6, 2017; Accessed 8 November 2018.   Daryl F. (1987, August 23). Highway Hostility Must Be Stopped: L.A. Needs a Return to Civility, Drastic Moves on Congestion. Los Angeles Times. Retrieved from http://www.latimes.com   Fumento, Michael. "'Road Rage' Versus Reality." The Atlantic: Aug 1998; Accessed 8 November 2018.   Smith, Philip & King, Ryan. (2013). From Road Rage to Everyday Automotive Incivility: A Routine Activities Approach to Low‐Level Deviance. The Sociological Quarterly, 54(3), 476-500.   Safire, William. (1997, September 3). Road Rage in Paris. The New York Times. Retrieved from http://www.nytimes.com   Extra THANKS to William J. Harris for allowing us to use his poem, "A Guy in a Black SUV."   And a special THANK YOU to Pepper & Shaun for allowing us to use: “Drive” by Pepper from Pink Crustaceans and Good Vibrations  
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