71 minutes | Apr 8, 2019

Ten: On the Couch with Dr. Shiloh

This week I'm joined by Dr. Shiloh Catanese, a Clinical and Forensic Psychologist from Los Angeles AND host of the L.A. Not So Confidential podcast. Dr. Shiloh and I discuss the Richard Aderson case in depth, in which she lends both her expertise and opinions on the case.   Was this truly a case of road rage? Could Richard have possibly known his killer? What role might guilt play in finally unmasking the killer? How can keeping secrets be harmful to one's  emotional and psychological health? Find out as we broach these questions and more.     Have a question? Call us at 917-410-5528 or email us at clues@slimturkey.com.   This podcast may contain information that some may find disturbing.   Thanks to:   “Doctor's In” by Son Little under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0   and a very special thank you for the recording and editing to:   Justin Wilder Neese of Wilder Studios & Production
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