8 minutes | Jul 1, 2019

Nourishing the Soul

Escape with a bedtime story by Claire Storrow specifically designed to help you doze off Simba have hopped under the sheets with writer Claire Storrow, to present the first in a series of snooze-worthy stories, designed specifically to help you get to sleep. Research has shown that when you read a great story, your brain actually engages in trying to experience what you're reading: the colours, the scents, the emotions. By doing so you start to engage the visual centres of your brain and turn down the volume on the analytical bit - the pre-frontal cortex. So instead of feeling 'tired but wired' you can start to move towards readiness for sleep and creative dreaming. Simba’s resident sleep psychologist Hope Bastine explains more at the start of the podcast. So tuck in and get ready to get serious about sleep - and seriously chilled out. Mysterious Message of the Moon, written by Claire Storrow and read by Raj Ghatak.
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