45 minutes | Mar 17, 2016

SLB Indie Trailer S2 Ep14 Tony Espinoza Keyboard, Piano, and Vocals of Sweet Little Bloodhound

In this episode, host Devlin Miles interviews Tony Espinoza, the keyboard, pianist, and vocalist of Sweet Little Bloodhound.  The rookie of the band is about to pass his probation period and has become a permanent member. Find out what it takes to join an indie band, learn about what it takes to apply yourself as a musician, a day job versus your musical passions, how to turn your passion into a reality, understanding rejection and let it motivate you to keep going.  Hobbies are for collecting stamps and pennies, music is for strong willed and resilient in nature. Contact Info: Tony Espinoza - Tonyblak33@aol.com  or @tonyblak on Instragram For Information Sweet Little Bloodhound email SLB@SweetLittleBloodhound.com  SweetLittleBloodhound.com  Music in this episode in order: Intro: Next Stop Is Love by Sweet Little Bloodhound Recuerda by Anthony Espinoza Rock Your Block Off commercial - Superhero Female Interlude over - Instrumental version of Twice by Sweet Little Bloodhound Instrumental version of Poor Mr. Sunshine Post interview music -  War by Sweet Little Bloodhound Calle Oscura by Anthony Espinoza   Sweet Little Bloodhound by Sweet Little Bloodhound  
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