46 minutes | Apr 27, 2016

S2 Ep22 Indie Artist and Mpress Label Executive Rachael Sage part 1 of 2

Indie Artist and Mpress Label executive Rachael Sage Part 1 of 2 speaks of her indie music and visual artistry career and how she has navigated her 20 year touring.  Go for who you feel you should meet.  Have "a little bit of a nerve" when trying to make connections for your music. Find where your music fits. Featured Artist Rachael Sage http://rachaelsage.com Mpress Record label http://www.mpressrecords.com On this episode: Brave Dancing - Rachael Sage Blue Roses - Rachael Sage Frost - Rachael Sage Wildflower - Rachael Sage Part 2 posts Thursday at 12pm
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