45 minutes | Apr 13, 2016

S2 Ep 18 The Samurai Hotel Recording Studio with Producer and Engineer

Mixing versus mastering, preparing for recording, budgeting your recording project, the cost of a single, where to network, working with Bette Midler and Yo Yo Ma, lessons from the majors to the indies, the importance of your monitor mix while singing. Devlin Miles of Sweet Little Bloodhound interviews producer and engineer of The Samurai Hotel, Dave Stoller and Andy Manganello. We learn what drove Dave Stoller to build out this amazing recording studio in Astoria, Queens, and how Andy and Dave met beginning in the mic locker at Sony Music.   Music in this episode: Opening credits- Next Stop Is Love by Sweet Little Bloodhound Better Off - Sweet Little Bloodhound Be Still - Sweet Little Bloodhound Cello by Greg Snedeker Superhero Female - Sweet Little Bloodhound Rush - Devlin Miles For More information, ideas, suggestions for SLB Indie Trailer email SLB @SweetLittleBloodhound.com Twitter and Instagram @SLBloodhound @DevlinMiles http://www.Facebook.com/DevlinMilesFans http://www.SweetLittleBloodhound.com     Andy Manganello @MagsMusic Dave Stoller  
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