25 minutes | Mar 8, 2021

Introducing: A Word … with Jason Johnson

Hey Trumpcast listeners! Your host Virginia has some big news. Her next podcast—After Trump—is a guidebook alongside legal scholars Jack Goldsmith and Bob Bauer—both former Trumpcast guests—to reforming our laws, norms, and ethical codes so we never get in that fix again.  After Trump is coming soon to a podcast app near you. To learn more, go to AfterTrumpPod.com.


But first, Virginia is here to introduce an episode of a new show from Slate: A Word, with Jason Johnson. 


You’ve heard Jason on Trumpcast several times. Now, every Friday he’ll bring his sharp analysis to discussions with policy-makers, journalists, entertainers, and other experts about America’s challenges around race, and ideas on the way forward. You’re about to hear the second episode, in which Jason discusses cancel culture with Professor. Loretta Ross. They talk about the role cancel culture plays in society and politics, and if there’s a better way to hold powerful people accountable. If you enjoy this episode, make sure to subscribe to A Word with Jason Johnson in your podcast app.

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