65 minutes | Feb 18th 2019

Hang Up: The Settling Our Grievances Edition

Josh Levin is joined by Robert Lipsyte to discuss the settlement between the NFL and ex-49ers Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid. Sean Forman also joins to explain how he built Sports Reference and Tom Junod talks about his article on his father and sports gambling.

Colin Kaepernick (3:10): Robert Lipsyte opines on whether Kaepernick or the league emerged victorious and what the next step is for the quarterback.

Sports Reference (25:57): Sean Forman’s network of sites gets more than 1 billion pageviews per year. He explains how it got started and how it works as a business.

Gambling (44:54): Tom Junod details how illegal sports betting helped bring his father to ruin and brought his family closer together.

Afterball (60:05): Josh on the pioneering 7-footer Elmore Morgenthaler.

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