32 minutes | Aug 5th 2020

Episode 21: Strategies for Successful Transition Post-Treatment

PREVIEW: While your child is in wilderness therapy treatment, a big question mark can be: “what next?” The transition after wilderness looks different for every family. Whether transitioning home, to school, or to an aftercare program, how can parents foster a healthy environment for their child to continue thriving?

On today’s episode, Clinical Therapist Chris Blankenship answers common questions parents have as they prepare for their child to graduate wilderness therapy. He addresses the risk of missing underlying successes and challenges by focusing solely on boundaries and details. He also guides us in how to best attune to each other in the transition period, focus on the big picture, and stay committed to family values. With the right approach, parents can help their child carry on with the skills, growth, and progress they gained while in wilderness therapy treatment, no matter what the next steps are.

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Chris is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a therapist for transition age young adults (18-20) at Open Sky Wilderness Therapy. These young adults have not been able to find a healthy sense of self and often experience depression, anxiety, trouble launching into adulthood, destructive relationships, substance use, personal trauma, and problematic dynamics with family members. Chris’s clear and direct therapeutic approach helps students deepen their understanding of their presenting issues as well as the underlying processes resulting in these symptoms. Using a relationship-based approach, Chris provides direct and supportive techniques that help families to understand not just their child, but their entire family system. He strives to help his young adults stabilize, to give them the tools necessary for growth, and to provide a sophisticated assessment for future treatment options to effect positive change and growth.