21 minutes | Aug 8, 2017

How Ending My Self Help Addiction Was My Catalyst (And How You Do It)

It was the year 2000, and I was at a party in the mansion of a millionaire entrepreneur I was working with. Whilst stood talking around his sparkling pool, he proceeded to tell me that I would become a millionaire. 13 years later, I was even more worse off – what happened..? Listen to the podcast to hear how this ends! Then head over to the blog post to DOWNLOAD THE FREE GOODIES from this episode!: http://www.skochy.com/ending-self-help-addiction/?ref=AlWoItVdNaNaBpBt And if you're the kind of person that prefers video, check out the video/Facebook Live/YouTube version of this over at Skochy Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=avhAhhYo0S0 WHAT IS THIS..? Hello and welcome to Skochy TV, for another episode of Skochy's Blog Post Read-Through. I'm Skochy, I make deals for a living with my company, Skochy Prosperity Investment, and here is where read through the latest blog post from the blog From Zero To Five Zeros, chronicling my experiments in selling, marketing, biz, love, success, life, my fails - and of course my wins on the way to that five zero monthly income. This podcast is the saved audio version of the Facebook Live video broadcast of the latest article, where we take the most recent blog post and have a casual, laid-back, read through of the article, whilst I have a cuppa. The premise is, some people like to read - that's what the blog post is for. Some people like videos - that's what the Facebook Live/YouTube video is about; it's much more interesting to watch me read it through like this, than watching me read it verbatim without expression. And then there's this podcast version here, for those on the go, which is just the video recording on YouTube, without my ugly face, essentially. WHAT NEXT..? Make sure you subscribe to the blog, subscribe to the YouTube channel, subscribe to the podcast, and like the Facebook page, so you'll get notified everytime I'm going to do another one of the live videos. Like the video on Facebook, leave a comment, give it a thumbs up on YouTube, read the blog post, take the steps and get today's bonuses, TAKE ACTION, and I'll see you again soon for another episode of From Zero To Five Zeros. ONE LAST THING... If you're an ambitious man like me, with a product/ service/ talent/ personality you want people to buy, then why not stick 2 fingers up at the establishment and come with me on my journey to a five zero monthly revenue... ...by subscribing to my BLOG: FROM ZERO TO HERO FIVE ZEROS, chronicling my experiments in selling, marketing, biz, love, success, life, my fails - and of course my wins on the way to that five zero monthly income... ...joining 2,300 other awesome, ambitious men who get early access to new articles, guides, updates, and more: http://www.skochy.com/from-zero-to-five-zeros-signup/?ref=AlWoItVdNaNaLpBs I look forward to seeing you there. Skochy – The Musical Salesman (since 2000) “mecum et incipio et finio” MD/Prosperity Investment Broker/Musician, Skochy Prosperity Investment Ltd – “Because Your Prosperity Is The Greatest Investment” Main website: http://www.skochy.com/?ref=AlWoYtVdNaNaHoHp Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/musicalsalesman Twitter: http://www.twitter/musicalsalesman
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