42 minutes | Apr 12, 2021

The 3 Best Things You Can Do To Look And Feel Great When You Are Older And Busy

In this podcast, I tell you the best 3 things you can do to look and feel great when you're older, busy, and productive. I also talk about the "Terror Hour" many of us experience when we're older, reframing your situation for the better, and why there are unlimited opportunities ahead at your age (even if you've blown a lot of them in the past). Be sure to listen to all of the 100 most-often asked questions about fitness older men have podcast here on this platform. My exclusive Age Optimization System for older men is an intense 12-week private, one-on-one coaching experience. Is it right for you? Find out here: https://skiplacour.com/aos Make sure you sign up to be on my email list for fitness updates at https://skiplacour.com/tips-for-older-men. Call or text me at 925-352-4366 for one-on-one coaching.
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