23 minutes | Mar 14, 2021

How To Fix Lagging Body Parts When You Are Older - Day 97 - 100 Days of Workouts

I tell you what to do about lagging and imbalanced body parts when you are older. Get free access to dozens of workouts for older men, nutrition advice, and motivational videos in the Workouts for Older Men Members Only website. Go to http://workoutsforoldermen.com. Get updates at https://skiplacour.com/tips-for-older-men. Support the production of this podcast with whatever amount you want. here https://paypal.me/skiplacour. Call or text me at 925-352-4366 for one-on-one coaching. SOLUTIONS! Take your fitness to the next level with this incredible audio/video/1-on1 coaching experience. LIMTED TIME: You get one-on-one coaching time as an added BONUS. Go to https://skiplacourmembers.com/solutions.
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