119 minutes | Nov 21, 2017

The Ash-holes HACK your smoking experience - Tips & Tricks you NEVER knew about

Tonight 7pm CST on the show - The Ash-holes become Cyber Ninjas, we are going to HACK your smoking experience!! - We'll put our own hilarious twist on the info given out by Cigar advisors in the article posted below!! Sure, cigar smoking is pretty easy – but it can be even better, when you get creative. If you’re looking for some new fixes or just some cigar smoking tips to get better enjoyment out of the experience as a whole, LISTEN UP for these creative ideas…they’re a little out of the ordinary, but they just might be the cigar hacks that will solve whatever your cigar challenge may be!! So join us TONIGHT @ 7pm CST - You can even call in and tell us your hacks, tips, and tricks!! 914-803-4079 anytime during the show! #boysfromthesouth #theashholes #smokinaceslive #cigarlife   *Credit for article* - Read the full article on tips and tricks from the Great guys over at - Cigar Advisors https://www.famous-smoke.com/cigaradvisor/cigar-hacks-cigar-smoking-tips-tricks
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