121 minutes | Nov 7, 2017

The Ash-Holes ask - How's your Cigar Etiquette?

Tonight AT OUR NEW TIME!! 7pm CST - The Ash-holes uncover the horrid stories about the boorish, crude, ill-mannered and down right rude behaviors in Cigar Shops and the ridiculous reasons behind such acts!  Do you tamp out your ash like your using a construction style jack-hammer? Have you brought your own Cigars to a shop (that you didn't purchase there??) Don't fret, We'll help you understand what and what NOT to do when your smoking your favorite stick!   If you're a shop owner, a connoisseur of perfection, A FBI BAU member or just someone that has a funny story about this subject give us a call tonight 914-803-4079 and let the Ash-holes know what LIGHTS your ASH on FIRE!!   Don't forget to subscribe - Itunes, Spotify, blogtalk, Stitcher and Pandora - Smokin Aces LIVE
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