52 minutes | Jul 21, 2021

Ouija Is The New Tinder

Dear listeners, this is the episode that almost wasn’t. Internet woes, broken microphones and time itself all seem to be working in unison to confound your darling hosts. It was almost as if someone... or something placed a curse upon the episode. But by the power of Michael the IT guy, wine and willpower this episode survived to tell its tales.Speaking of surviving, Alissa’s first tales are Near Death Experiences. Be warned, these are not your typical warm and fuzzy NDEs.Britt then reports on her NSE (No Sleep Experience) while visiting her brother Ben and his collection of haunted artifacts  in Portland, Oregon.  While there she manages to harvest a haunted tale from her sister in law, Dani, featuring Dani’s sometimes permed, sometimes straight haired psychic mother named Sharon.Alissa wraps up theis episode with a lovely and romantic tale of love found via the Ouija. Britt, predictably, is enraptured by this tale while Alissa proceeds to lay a giant turd upon it. This is a goofy sleep deprived jaunt. Once again, thanks for listening and Haunt Y’all Later!Support the show (https://www.etsy.com/shop/skeletalespodcast)
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