68 minutes | Oct 19, 2017

Ep. 8 - Overrated/Underrated

Wherein we discuss, IPAs, Comic Book Movies, Lebron, Twerkin, "Reality" TV, 3D Movies (*thanks Adam), Kardashians, AIM, Jordan, Ditka, Barrel Aged Beers (*thanks Pat), The Beatles, Beyoncé, Football, Baseball, Video Games, Awards Shows, Twitter Polls (*thanks Twitter Polls), Stone Cold Steve Austin, Singing Competition Shows, Opening Door for People, Anal, Batman, Street Fests, COPS the TV Show, Ryan Reynolds, Chicago Cubs, Taylor Swift, Breaking Bad, Owning a Truck, Taco Bell, Avatar, Podcasts, Google, Wolverine, and Canada, with a very simple Overrated or Underrated. Oh, we also lock in Greatest NBA player all time and collectively drool over Ryan Reynolds. Don't agree? Eat us. Then Tweet us:  @sixpackandapod.   For those of you with Facebook, email us at sixpackandapod@gmail.com

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