11 minutes | Jun 21, 2018

# 17: Self Acceptance Is Key

In past episodes, we’ve discussed acceptance as it relates to things happening to us from “out there”.  Today, we’re going to change it up and talk about how to do something much harder–accept ourselves. To do this, we have to come to grips with past actions and choices and what these choices have created right now in our present lives.  And we must accept our current lives because they are reality.  But we must also accept our current behaviors (especially what we don’t like) without making it mean that this is “just the way I am”-always and forever stuck as “that person”.  You know.  The awkward one.  The angry one.  The jealous one.  The shallow one.  Whichever one you routinely judge yourself to be. But this idea couldn’t be further from the truth.  We are NEVER stuck just as we are, but the first step to getting unstuck is acceptance.  Accepting what is (reality) is the first step to changing it.  Seriously.
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