27 minutes | Apr 6, 2021

Episode #50: Being Unapologetic @ 50 with Sharon Fields

In today’s milestone episode, we cover being unapologetic at 50 with Sharon Fields. Sharon is the founder of Beautiful Curves 365 and host of the Unapologetic @ 50 podcast. At Beautiful Curves 365 she mentors women on how to get unstuck and inspires them to become the healthiest version of themselves - inside and out! With insights Sharon has gained throughout her life, she has made it her mission to inspire black women over 50 to celebrate themselves and achieve their goals. She believes that “this is about being 50 and fabulous. The goal is to celebrate life, celebrate who you are and the things that you’ve been through.” Episode Highlights: 3:20 - Starting Over and Supporting Each Other During Difficult Times How can we support each other and connect during this pandemic? How can we overcome and learn from tough life events later in life? Sharon and I talk about our friendship and how we can support each other during difficult times. 6:00 - Give Yourself Permission to Take Care of Yourself How can you help others while being vulnerable at the same time? Do you confide in others about your worries and struggles? For even more of Sharon’s insights, listen to episode 36 of Sistahs Connect Moment To Reflect - Guard Your Thoughts and Unplug:  8:50 - Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone How can stepping out of your comfort zone improve your mindset? Why should we be open to new opportunities later in life? What does being 50 and unapologetic look like? Sharon speaks about the benefits of revising an old hobby or learning a new skill over the age of 50. 13:00 - Celebrate Your Body and Mind How can we learn to accept and love our bodies? Can we move forward and celebrate our bodies as we age? Sharon’s inspirational thoughts on body positivity can teach you how to find love for yourself from within. 15:30 - Final Takeaways About Being Unapologetic @ 50 Sharon explains how her mindset has changed since being 50 and how she navigates her new job and being an entrepreneur. This week’s Sistah CEO Shout Out: Tonya Cross of Accented Glory Visit www.accentedglory.com for natural hair care accessories and afro-centric jewelry. The Sistahs Connect Podcast is selected by Feedspot as one of the Top 30 Black Women Podcasts on the web. Sponsored by Podcast To Empower Podcast To Empower is a course for emerging creators who want to develop, launch, and grow their podcast idea. If you have a message that inspires and uplifts black women and people of color and you’ve been thinking about starting a podcast, visit podcasttoempower.teachable.com for courses by your very own Kimberly Sumpter. Follow the podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and anywhere you listen to podcasts! Sign up for our newsletter to get the latest updates on podcast episodes, giveaways, and community news!
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