9 minutes | Jun 8th 2020

Episode #38: The System Is BROKEN!

Thank you Felecia Pullen for allowing me to use my platform to spread this powerful message. It speaks to the injustice that we as African Americans in this country have endured for hundreds of years. This is a direct message to anyone who considers themselves to be an ally. The goal of the message is to educate you with an attempt of bringing us closer together. It may not be easy to listen to but it is where OUR healing begins.  Take a moment to read about the tragic stories of each of these beautiful souls.  Rosewood Black Wallstreet Emmett Till Travon Martin Sandra Bland Breonna Taylor Ahmad Arbery Botham Jean George Floyd Philando Castille Listen to my conversation with Felecia Pullen about her initiatives for those living with an addiction in Episode 13 Here's where you can find Felecia online: The PILLARS The PillarsNYC on Instagram Stay Connected:  Sistah's Connect Website Twitter: @sistahsconnect Instagram: @sistahsconnect Connect with me on linkedIn Join the Sistah's Connect Private Facebook Group Use the #MySistahsConnect I'd love to hear from you! Send me an email to info@sistahsconnect.com if you'd like to connect!
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