2 minutes | Mar 19th 2020

Episode #34: Sistahs Connect Moment To Reflect - The Gift of Homeschooling

Today's Moment To Reflect features Simeko Hartley. Today's uncertain times are causing a strain and stress in many of our lives and is forcing us all to adjust to a whole new way of living. Virtually everyone is mandated to work from home and many of you are having to accomplish this task with school-aged children and teenagers. By the way, KUDOS to all of the AMAZING teachers out there!!   I also see the frustration that many moms are experiencing as they are trying to figure out how to effectively home school their children while balancing their own work schedule and remain sane in the process!    In episode #12, I spoke with Simeko N Dennis Hartley who is an entrepreneur/coach and has also been homeschooling her children for several years. She will join us on Monday March 23rd at 2pm EST on Facebook Live to give you some practical tips on how to navigate through this with your family and to answer any of your questions. Please join the conversation and feel free to participate.  Sistah's Connect Private Facebook Group If you'd like to hear our conversation in it's entirety, listen to Ep. #12 of the Sistahs Connect podcast. Leave me a voicemail message. Click here for you're chance to be heard on the podcast. Stay Connected: Sistah's Connect Website Twitter: @sistahsconnect Instagram: @sistahsconnect Connect with me on linkedIn Use the hashtag #MySistahsConnect
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