11 minutes | May 14th 2020

#312 Exponential Africa - Nathaniel Calhoun

Today on the Exponential Africa Show Mic Mann has a great conversation with Nathaniel Calhoun - SingularityU chair of Global Grand Challenges.

Nathaniel has had an incredible career having lived in over 50 African countries. Consulting with governments, banks and major corporations on how to create innovative change. Looking at new business models, new forms of money and cooperatives.

Nathaniel stems from an educational background which he later combined with technology to impact and reach the masses in many informal and underprivileged countries. His passion later evolved to looking at the future of work within the informal economy, focusing on different business models and usage of technology that can help disadvantages people who are left out of the economy.

Watch the full video to hear all about what makes Nathaniel tick and what impact has the technology created with all these incredible projects and movements he has created!