25 minutes | Nov 2, 2019

Episode 13: “Is Marriage Necessary?” — Conversations with a Divorce Attorney

  As Ken and Ke get older, more settled in their careers and even more settled in their ways-- they are beginning to wonder if they want to be married.   With divorce rates in America soaring and cohabitation numbers increasing they are asking “Is marriage even necessary?”.   Attorney Tiffany Powers joins Ken and Ke on the couch to share with the Girlfriends financial and legal benefits to marriage and even what has helped her 21+ year relationship with her husband thrive in hopes of getting SBF a little closer to answering the question.   Resources for Deeper Study: Figuring Out Marriage vs. Cohabitation in Your Life?  https://family.findlaw.com/living-together/marriage-vs-cohabitation.html   Benefits of Marriage  https://www.theknot.com/content/benefits-of-marriage    
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